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PRESIDENT'S FACULTY OF THE YEAR AWARD (2006) -- Faculty of the year Leadership, Instruction, and Dedication Award -- The University of the District of Columbia (9/26/2006).

UDC Physics Professor (Dr. Khatri) Ranked # 3 Among Approximately a Million College and University Professors -- The Washington Post (3/29/2010)--"Anyone can submit a comment to RateMyProfessors. The rankings yield unsung heroes of higher education. This year's Top 25 list includes Daryao Khatri, a physics professor at the University of the District of Columbia, at No. 3; Jim Thomas, a philosophy professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, at No. 6; and Joani Bedore, a communications professor at George Mason University, at No. 23. But there is no one from Johns Hopkins or Georgetown or from Virginia's or Maryland's flagship state universities."