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GAP Summer Camp in Algebra and English

Session A: Juniors and Seniors

Session B: Freshmen and Sophomores

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An Exceptional Opportunity for High School Students

The competition for college admission and aspirational jobs has never been tougher. For young adults to effectively compete, they must excel in core algebra and English skills by the end of High School. Fortunately, an exceptional, scientifically designed educational experience, the Gateway Academic Program (GAP) Summer Camp, is available in your area, which has been proven to rapidly and dramatically raise the core skills of every committed teenage partici-pant. The Camp experience is customized for maximizing progress, performance, and retention for each participant.

The GAP Summer Camp delivers eight weeks, eight hours a day, of intensive and indi-vidualized instruction in algebra and English designed to identify and close all learning gaps in these subjects that would hold attendees back. The Summer Camp leverages pedagogical techniques developed, researched, refined and validated over a decade of study by the nation-ally recognized GAP research and instructional team, who will teach the sessions.

The summer camp is offered in two sessions. Session A for juniors and graduating sen-iors prepares students for university placement examinations and eliminates the demand for remedial courses at the college level. Session B for freshmen and sophomores strengthens their competencies in algebra and English so they are fully prepared and confident in their ability to handle subsequent courses dependent on those skills.

What is the Scientific Methodology Used at GAP Summer Camp?

The methodology ( used by GAP Summer Camp is the brain child of a team of three university professors: Dr. Daryao Khatri, Professor of Physics, Dr. Anne Hughes, Professor of Sociology and Education, and Professor Brenda Brown, Professor of Mathematics. During the past five years, GAP has eliminated the need for college remedial math courses for up to 91% of the high school graduates participating in sessions held in Washington, DC and Prince Georges County, MD. Khatri and Hughes have published four books describing and illustrating this methodology.

At its heart, the GAP methodology applies five key principles.

1. It laser-focuses training only on the critical concepts, skills, and processes that students must master, and does not distract them with superfluous, confusing material.

2. It leverages what students already know to increase confidence, avoid drift due to excess repetition, and ensure retention.

3. It organizes material into parallel presentations of similar concepts and skills in order to exploit linkages and expedite student learning.

4. It eliminates distractions and multi-tasking in the classroom to maximize compre-hension and retention.

5. It holds the trainer responsible to address each student’s individual learning diffi-culties and adjust to that student’s pace and cognitive style.

GAP is the only program in the country that has demonstrated such spectacular results with students. The GAP Summer Camp in Prince George’s County features its proven method-ology taught by its developers and master instructors.

Now we have some questions of you as a parent if you have a son or daughter in the 9th through 12th grades during the coming academic year.

• Is your child having problems in algebra and/or English?

• Are you looking for assistance for your child’s academic problem(s)?

• Do you want your child to go to college?

If you answered, “Yes,” to these questions, we assure you that your son or daughter will benefit from this summer camp in four ways: (1) perform at an elevated level during the high school years in algebra and English; (2) eliminate the need for remedial courses during the freshman year in college; (3) raise PSAT and/or SAT scores; and (4) boost opportunities for col-lege admission and graduation.

What is the GAP Summer Camp?

GAP Summer Camp is an eight-week, non-resident summer camp limited to two groups of 20 students each. The first group will consist of 9th and 10th graders. Students for the second group will be 11th and 12th graders.

“I don’t want to take remedial Math in College and it doesn’t even count towards graduation. This program has helped a lot. Now I can do a lot of calculations in my head. My sister has to join this program!”

“I learned at least a whole five years of Math in eight weeks. The quality of instruction was beyond excellent. I have never had that kind of teaching in my life. I am really cocky now. I had a deep hatred for Math, but I like it now. I was hesitant about going into nursing because of Math being a negative factor. Now, I am confident I can succeed.”