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(Gateway Academic Program – Summer Camp 2012) 

1. Finding Gaps and Honing Basic Skills 

1.1. Pre-program Orientation for the Compressed Program 

1.2. Organization of Instruction and Testing 

1.3. Points To Remember And Review 

2. Mental Math 

2.1. Multiplication Tables 

2.2. Currency and its Relationship to Decimals, Fractions, and Percents 

2.3. Facts about 1 and 0 

2.4. Estimating 

2.5. Mental Chapter Review 

2.6. Addition and subtraction with multiple terms

2.7. Multiplication Tables 

2.8. Sample Exit Questions 

2.9. Sample Priming Homework 2.10. Points To Remember And Review 

3. Integers and Arithmetic Operations 

3.1. Definition of Integers 

3.2. Addition of Whole Numbers 

3.3. Subtraction of Whole Numbers 

3.4. Multiplication of Whole Numbers 

3.5. Division of Whole Numbers 

3.6. Squares of Whole Numbers 

3.7. Easy Square Roots of Whole Numbers 

3.8. Review of Facts About 1 and 0 

3.9. Teacher-Directed Mental Chapter Review 

3.10. Multiplication Tables 

3.11. Sample Exit Questions 

3.12. Sample Priming Homework 

3.13. Points To Remember And Review 

4. Data, Statistics, and Graphs 

4.1. Collecting Class Data in a Set 

4.2. Conditions for Using the Mean, the Median, and the Mode 

4.3. Collecting Class Data in a Table for Bar and Pie Graphs 

4.4. Mental Chapter Review 

4.5. Challenging Question 

4.6. Sample Exit Questions 

4.7. Sample Priming Homework 

4.8. Points To Remember And Review 

5. A Love-Hate Relationship – Facts about Triangles, Intersecting Lines, and Units of Measurements 

5.1. Triangles 

5.2. Angles Definitions 

5.3. Intersecting Lines 

5.4. Units of Measurement and Their Conversion 

5.5. Mental Chapter Review 

5.6. Challenging Homework 

5.7. Multiplication Tables 

5.8. Sample Exit Questions 

5.9. Sample Priming Homework 

5.10. Points To Remember And Review 

6. The Two Great Devils--The Negative Sign and the Negative Numbers 

6.1. Addition with Positive and Negative Numbers 

6.2. Multiplication Involving Negative Numbers 

6.3. Mental Chapter Review 

6.4. Challenging Problems 

6.5. Multiplication Tables 

6.6. Sample Exit Questions 

6.7. Sample Priming Homework 

6.8. Points To Remember And Review 

7. Change for Currency Notes--Simple Fractions 

7.1. Teacher Guided Mental Review 

7.2. Sample Exit Questions 

7.3. Sample Priming Homework 

7.4. Points To Remember And Review 

8. Exponents--Powers of 10 

8.1. Mental Review of Previous Knowledge 

8.2. Powers of 10 

8.3. Chapter Review 

8.4. Sample Exit Questions 

8.5. Sample Priming Homework 

8.6. Points To Remember And Review 

9. Powers of Variables and Constants 

9.1. Review of Previous Knowledge 

9.2. Mathematical Operations Involving Exponents 

9.3. Chapter Review 

9.4. Sample Exit Questions 

9.5. Sample Priming Homework 

9.6. Points To Remember And Review 

10. The World of Expressions and Elementary Equations 

10.1. Expressions 

10.2. Simple Equations 

10.3. Sample Exit Questions 

10.4. Sample Priming Homework 

10.5. Points To Remember And Review 

11. The Algebra Savior--Cross Products 

11.1. Review of Previous Knowledge 

11.2. Working with Cross Products 

11.3. Challenging Problems 

11.4. Mental Problems 

11.5. Sample Exit Questions 

11.6. Sample Priming Homework 

11.7. Points To Remember And Review 

12. Ratio and Proportion 

12.1. Review of Previous Knowledge 

12.2. Procedures for Setting and Solving Problems 

12.3. Review Problems

12.4. Challenging Problems 

12.5. Sample Exit Questions 

12.6. Sample Priming Homework 

12.7. Points To Remember And Review 

13. Just Shopping for the Best Deal 

13.1. Finding a Discount 

13.2. Sales Tax 13.3. Commission 

13.4. Percents 

13.5. Simple Interest 

13.6. Challenge Problems 

13.7. Chapter Review 

13.8. Sample Exit Questions 

13.9. Sample Priming Homework 

13.10. Points To Remember And Review 

14. How Big?--Perimeter, Area, and Volume 

14.1. Review of Previous Knowledge 

14.2. Formulas for Perimeter, Area, and Volume of Familiar Shapes 

14.3. Challenging Problems with Solutions 

14.4. Challenging Problems 

14.5. Sample Exit Questions 

14.6. Sample Priming Homework 

14.7. Points To Remember And Review 

15. Slopes and Intercepts on the Algebra Trail 

15.1. The Coordinate System 

15.2. Slope and Intercept of a Line 

15.3. Finding Equation of a Straight Line 

15.4. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines 

15.5. Mental Chapter Review 

15.6. Sample Exit Questions 

15.7. Sample Priming Homework 

15.8. Points To Remember And Review 

16. Transformations 

16.1. Review of coordinates of a point 

16.2. The Positive and Negative Values 

16.3. Translation 

16.4. Rotation 

16.5. Reflection 

17. Mixed Numerals 

17.1. Improper Fractions as Mixed Numerals 

17.2. Basic Math Operations with Mixed Numerals 

17.3. Mental Chapter Review 

17.4. Sample Exit Questions 

17.5. Sample Priming Homework 

17.6. Points To Remember And Review 

18. Polynomials and Their Basic Operations 

18.1. Degree of a Term and Polynomial 

18.2. Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials 

18.3. Multiplying Polynomials 

18.4. Multiplying Sums and Differences of Two Terms 

18.5. Division of Polynomials 

18.6. Squaring Binomials 

18.7. Sample Exit Questions 

18.8. Sample Priming Homework 

18.9. Points To Remember And Review 

19. Factoring 

19.1. Greatest Common Factor (GCF) 

19.2. Review of Least Common Multiple (LCM) 

19.3. Factoring when Terms Have a Common Factor 

19.4. Factoring by Grouping: Four terms 

19.5. Factoring Quadratic Trinomials 

19.6. Factoring Trinomial Squares 

19.7. Factoring Differences of Squares 

19.8. Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring 

19.9. Sample Exit Questions 

19.10. Sample Priming Homework 

19.11. Points To Remember And Review 

20. Rational, Complex Rational and Radical Expressions--Becoming an Algebra Guru 

20.1. Review of the Property of 1 and the LCM 

20.2. Rational Expressions and Equations 

20.3. Complex Fractions 

20.4. Radical Expressions and Equations 

20.5. Sample Exit Questions 

20.6. Sample Priming Homework 

20.7. Points To Remember And Review 

21. Trigonometric Functions and Their Applications 

21.1. Review of the Squares and Square Roots 

21.2. Right Triangle and Pythagoras Theorem 

21.3. Definitions of three Basic Trigonometric Functions 

21.4. Definitions of Inverse Trigonometric Functions 

21.5. Applications of Trigonometric Functions 

21.6. Sample Exit Questions 

21.7. Sample Priming Homework

 21.8. Points To Remember And Review

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“I didn’t expect to learn that much of College Algebra. I learned a lot. This helped me have confidence in myself. The program is superb. It made me feel very confident. I would highly recommend it.”

The use of the Internet and computers is required

“I was always struggling with Math. This program was just right and perfect for me. I learned so much that High School didn’t teach me in 4 years. It makes me very happy and proud of myself.”

“There is nothing I would change. Everything was the best. The classroom environment was great. The professors, the agenda! I never liked doing Math. Here I loved doing Math.”