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“I have learned a lot that I missed. I used to hate Math. Now I like it. My parents just love the program.”

“It makes me feel really smart. I am really happy and I am so proud of myself, now.”

“I loved it. We should have it from now on. Put it in all the High Schools”

“I learned a lot. I learned more than I did in my other eight years of Math at High School.”

“I’ve learned a lot just in a few weeks.”

“Overall this was better than anything I have ever experienced. I thought college might be too hard. Now I feel I can do it.”

“This is the first time I scored over 90% on the Acuplacer. I am surprised! I have always wanted to do Architecture, but I was afraid of the Math. Now I can do it.”

“I learned more than I expected to. The program was excellent.'

“I learned more than I did in school. I worked really hard. I learned that I can do more than I have done.”

“It was great. There was nothing that I missed. I recommend it.”

“I would recommend it to everyone I meet.”