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Dr. Daryao Khatri, Physicist, GAP Team Leader and Trainer

Dr. Anne Hughes, Psychologist, Reading Specialist, Trainer

Prof. Brenda Brown, Mathematician, Trainer

The GAP Team

Drs. Daryao Khatri and Anne Hughes as co-authors

American Education Apartheid-Again? (10/2002) From the Prologue by Jack Jennings, Director, Center on Education Policy. "They [the authors] maintain that good teachers are made, not just born. Teachers can be trained to deal effectively with students from all backgrounds; and that no generation of students ought to be written off. These are powerful ideas, and the authors' recommendations for implementing them deserve a hearing. The old ways of handling our problems are not relevant to the tremendous challenges facing us today, and new ways may open doors of opportunity to more students," (p. ix) ... .

Color-Blind Teaching-Excellence for Diverse Classrooms (09/2005) From the Forward by the Hon. Toddy Puller, member of the Virginia State Senate. Another book titled, "Color Blind Teaching: Excellence for Diverse Classrooms, should prove to be a valuable tool for preparing qualified teachers for diverse classrooms, principally at the secondary level. And it proposes to do so in a relatively short period of time through stripping the teaching process to its essentials and then demonstrating the essentials with a useful hands-on content," (p. xxii) ... .

Closing the Gap In Algebra and Basic Math by Daryao Khatri and Anne Hughes--To be published in 2010 by the Scarecrow Education Press; the manuscript has already been submitted.

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